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Today, webcams are essential tools for communication and collaboration in virtual meetings and video conferences. For video conferences or virtual meetings to be effective, your webcam needs to work properly. Webcams face a variety of issues that cause them not to work well or fail to work at all. If you rely on webcams for remote work or online meetings, knowing how to troubleshoot these problems...

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7 Common Printer Issues and How to Solve Them - computer support, managed service provider, I.T. solutions, I.T. support services - Cinch I.T.

Despite declining printer use, many businesses and homes still own and use them. Your business has one or two printers that you use for your daily operations. Since printers are relatively low maintenance, you might not think too much about them until you face printer issues like delays or breakdowns. Understandably, this can be very frustrating as it will disrupt your daily routine. But worry not!...

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Watch Out For These 6 Phishing Trends and Tactics In 2023 - Cinch I.T. - I.T. support Atlanta, I.T. support company, computer support, managed service provider, business I.T. support

Cybercriminals need to access personal user information or credentials to launch cyberattacks successfully. New phishing trends are the main ways they obtain this information. Why should you care about phishing as an enterprise with secure business I.T. support? Because phishing is becoming more sophisticated, you can be attacked from anywhere, from your office network to your managed service providers. The best way to keep your business...

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Does My Business Actually Need Cybersecurity Insurance - managed I.T. services, I.T. solutions, business I.T. support, I.T. support services, managed service provider - Cinch I.T.

Don't look now, but we're about to reveal some secrets. But first, a question: Does your business need cybersecurity insurance? And by "really need," we don't mean "it would be nice to have if we win the lottery." We mean "as essential as that morning coffee that fuels your 9 to 5." You're in the right place if you've been tossing this question around. Let’s get into it.   What We'll...

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What Is Email Spoofing - managed I.T. services, I.T. solutions, business I.T. support, I.T. support services - Cinch I.T.

Email is one of the most common avenues for cyberattacks and cybercriminals often use it to deliver malicious content. Studies show that approximately 1.2% of all emails sent worldwide are malicious, translating to about 3.4 billion emails daily. But why are email attacks so common? Email is a widely used form of communication, and email-based attacks are relatively inexpensive and require minimal effort compared to...

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Cinch I.T. Secures Businesses Against Data Breaches With Utah UCADA Law

MOAB AND ST. GEORGE, UTAH -- Utah businesses are responsible for protecting their customers' sensitive data from cyber threats. In response to the growing need for cybersecurity measures, Utah updated its cybersecurity law on March 11, 2021, with the Utah Cybersecurity Affirmative Defense Act (UCADA). This act provides an affirmative defense against certain causes of action arising from data breaches if a business meets certain...

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