What Is Email Spoofing?

What Is Email Spoofing - managed I.T. services, I.T. solutions, business I.T. support, I.T. support services - Cinch I.T.
Email is one of the most common avenues for cyberattacks and cybercriminals often use it to deliver malicious content. Studies show that approximately 1.2% of all emails sent worldwide are malicious, translating to about 3.4 billion emails daily. But why are email attacks so common? Email is a widely used form of communication, and email-based
Cinch I.T. Secures Businesses Against Data Breaches With Utah UCADA Law
MOAB AND ST. GEORGE, UTAH — Utah businesses are responsible for protecting their customers’ sensitive data from cyber threats. In response to the growing need for cybersecurity measures, Utah updated its cybersecurity law on March 11, 2021, with the Utah Cybersecurity Affirmative Defense Act (UCADA). This act provides an affirmative defense against certain causes of

How to Avoid Wi-Fi Scams

How to Avoid Wi-Fi Scams - computer support, business I.T. support, I.T. support company, Worcester I.T., managed I.T. services - Cinch I.T.
Today, public Wi-Fi hotspots are widely available in commercial and public settings, including cafes, restaurants, and transportation systems. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi scams are now taking advantage of these popular hotspots. For many, a public Wi-Fi connection provides convenience, which is too difficult to ignore. They can access their online accounts on the go, check emails, or

What Is I.T. Compliance?

Why Your Business Should Care About I.T. Compliance - Cinch I.T. - I.T. compliance, managed I.T. services, managed service provider, business I.T. support, technical I.T. support, computer support
Is your business practicing the best I.T. compliance? Conventionally, organizations and security teams counted on firewalls, content filters, and access restrictions to protect their digital assets. However, given organizations’ modern and complex security threats, security tools are undergoing a major paradigm shift. Traditional security tools cannot account for cyberattacks due to human error and data
WORCESTER, MA — Cinch I.T. is currently advising its clients to avoid using LastPass and to change any passwords that were stored there. Their latest data breach has left thousands of encrypted backups of customer accounts vulnerable to hackers. Please see LastPass’s press release below for additional details.   (Source: https://blog.lastpass.com/2023/03/security-incident-update-recommended-actions/) To Our LastPass Customers–
Jonathan Means of Cinch I.T. Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY – Jonathan Means of Cinch I.T. was recently named to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council. NSBA is the nation’s oldest small-business advocacy organization and operates on a staunchly nonpartisan basis. Means, a recognized leader in the small-business community, joins the NSBA Leadership Council alongside other small-business advocates from across the
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The world is making advances in technology regularly. For convenience, we store all our vital data and information on your digital devices so we can access it in one click. However, with the easy availability and accessibility of data, there are consequences to not protecting your files and emails. Data theft, hacking, and system errors
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NOVEMBER 23, 2022 // LOUISVILLE, KY – Looking for I.T. support in Louisville, KY? Cinch I.T.’s local office in the greater Louisville Metro area has been helping small businesses protect their employees and user data throughout 2022. As the transition from the peak of the pandemic continues to increase demand for remote work solutions, Cinch
windows 11 features, management I.T. services, I.T. support companies, managed service provider, business I.T. support, computer support - The Top Windows 11 Features You Need to Stay Productive - Cinch I.T. Blog
Windows 11 has been out for almost a year, packed with features that will make your life easier. Several features included in Windows 11 are brand new, while others are improvements from previous versions of Windows. This article will walk you through seven Windows 11 features that will boost productivity and provide better computer support.
How to Screen Share on a Mac - Atlanta GA I.T. support, computer support Atlanta GA, managed service provider Atlanta GA, I.T. support services Atlanta GA, managed I.T. services Atlanta GA, computer support specialist Atlanta GA, I.T. solutions Atlanta GA
If you use Google Meet for group video chat and video calling, you might be interested in knowing how to screen share on a Mac through Google Meet. Like most other Google Meet features, screen sharing is easy to use and quite convenient, and while we’re focusing on using this from a Mac, it works the

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