The Top Windows 11 Features You Need to Stay Productive

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The Top Windows 11 Features You Need to Stay Productive

Windows 11 has been out for almost a year, packed with features that will make your life easier. Several features included in Windows 11 are brand new, while others are improvements from previous versions of Windows. This article will walk you through seven Windows 11 features that will boost productivity and provide better computer support.


1. Use Snap Layouts To Quickly Switch Windows

Selecting a snap layout can maximize your screen real estate and productivity. To avoid switching between your open windows or having them overlap constantly, you can lock up to four of them using the snap layout feature.

With the new snap layouts for desktops in Windows 11, you can set up your apps in any way you choose. Once you’ve decided on a snap layout, Windows 11’s Snap Assist will guide you through the process of moving active app windows into the available spaces in the other panes.

Hovering over a window’s maximize button or selecting a window and pressing Win+Z will bring up the Snap Assist menu. You can use the Snap Assist function, the mouse, or the keyboard to enable snap layouts and organize all of your open windows.


2. Use Focus Assist for Fewer Distracting Notifications

Interruptions from notifications tend to harm efficiency. With Focus Assist (formerly Quiet Hours), you can mute all alerts to minimize notifications. However, you can customize which notifications you receive to ensure you see important alerts.

Here’s how to configure Focus Assist on a P.C. running Windows 11 so that you can give your full attention to the task at hand:

– Look for “Settings”

– Go to “System”

– Click “Focus Assist”

– Choose between three different states for the function:

  • Turn off to show all notifications.
  • Use the “Priority only” setting to hide all alerts except those from your chosen applications.
  • Use the “Alarms Only” to receive only alerts from your alarms

To see silenced notifications, go to your notifications center.

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3. Use Aero Shake To Minimize Screens Easily

The innovative feature known as “Aero Shake” minimizes all active windows on the screen except for the one the mouse is over. You can minimize all other applications by grabbing and shaking a window; doing so again restores the minimized windows. This feature makes the desktop more manageable when dealing with several open windows.

Windows 11 disables this feature by default. Here’s how to activate it:

– Go to “System Settings”

– Find “Multitasking”

– Choose “Title bar windows shake.”

– Toggle on the setting

To use it, grab the app window you wish to remain open using the left mouse button and hold it there. Then, shake the mouse. Shake again while holding down the same window to bring back all the temporarily hidden windows.


4. Show File Extensions

File extensions tell operating systems how to read a file and which program is needed to open a file. Windows 11 features hide file extension information since most users aren’t interested in knowing what kind of file they’re using. However, Windows 11 File Explorer has many options for displaying file extensions.

Here is the easiest method:

– Open the file explorer and go to the view tab

– Click the “Show” button

– Click “File Name Extensions”

How does this help with productivity? Simply put, when downloading files from the internet, it is crucial to verify their extensions to prevent malicious software or ransomware from infecting your machine. Removing a virus will require the help of I.T. support companies or your company’s managed service provider, which can negatively impact the entire company’s productivity.


5. Use Storage Sense to Clean Up Your Hard Drive

When your hard disk is almost full, it has a detrimental effect on the whole computer, causing everything to run slower and crash more often. Before contacting your company’s business I.T. support to deal with your slow computer, consider using the Storage Sense feature to delete unnecessary items and clean up your system.

Storage Sense will help you clear up space on your hard drive without the need to install additional software. In addition, Windows 11 features provide guidance on which files you can safely delete to optimize your computer’s performance without affecting those essential to you. However, you should check with your company’s managed I.T. services provider or I.T. department for guidance if your computer continues to run slowly.

Here’s how to turn on Storage Sense:

– Go to “Settings”

– Find “System”

– Select “Storage”

– Toggle on Storage Sense

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6. Use Background Scrolling

Windows 11 lets you navigate any window, not just the one you’re using. This step is handy if you want to open sub-menu items in new windows to save time instead of clicking back and forth on the same page.

Start by opening two windows. Place them on the screen so you can read both of them. You can scroll the second window by hovering the mouse or touching the touchpad while you are in the first window. It should still be possible to scroll the page up and down even when you aren’t currently using that window.

Windows enables this feature by default, but here’s how to turn it on:

– Go to “Settings”

– Find “Bluetooth & Devices”

– Select “Mouse”

– Turn on the option labeled “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them.”


7. Save Battery Life with Battery Saver

Background processes allow apps to continue working even when you aren’t actively utilizing them. While this can be helpful for productivity, a dead battery is most definitely not. The Windows 11 Battery Saver feature can help minimize background processes and prolong your battery life.

Here’s how to use this feature:

– Navigate to “Settings”

– Then “System”

– Find “Power & Battery”

– Choose “Battery Saver”


Key Takeaways

Microsoft keeps Windows users satisfied by regularly updating it with new functionalities. From new to updated features, it’s hard not to appreciate the strides Windows has made in productivity. Whether you use Windows at home or the office, the Windows 11 features listed in this article will help you stay focused and on track.

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