How to Avoid Android Malware

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How to Avoid Android Malware

Android is the most common operating system among mobile phone users. For this reason, cases of malware are most frequent on these devices. This stems from being able to download apps from anywhere online. These apps can be created by anyone and can be spread all over the internet. Here are four tips from Cinch I.T. to prevent malware from attacking your Android device.

  • Use the Google Play Store to install apps. Google has an entire division dedicated to examining apps for malware and other issues before they enter the Google Play Store. On occasion, one containing malware will get through, but installing apps from here is far less risky than downloading elsewhere.
  • Observe reviews and ratings from app users. Five-star ratings and positive reviews are what users look for when downloading apps, but you should take a closer look before downloading. Scam apps use Trojans to up their ratings and to post bogus reviews. Look for patterns such as the same review being posted multiple times in a row or reviews using very few words.
  • Pick apps from trustworthy creators. Sometimes it’s a good idea to look up app creators before downloading one of their apps. Big businesses make sure to thoroughly analyze apps for imperfections or evidence of malware. This process is necessary when striving for a reputable business.
  • Take a close look at app permissions when installing. Each Android app has permissions that it asks for when you install them. Risky permissions include an app’s power to save your data or to take pictures or record audio. Before downloading, ask yourself if the app truly needs access to the requested functions.

If you have any further questions on preventing malware from attacking your Android device, contact Cinch I.T. today!

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