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How safe is your data from cyber threats?

Don’t Let Your Business Be A Victim

Cybersecurity is the modern-day version of deadbolts on your office doors, that alarm system, and those barriers constructed to keep people out. The first step to developing a solid cybersecurity strategy is to conduct a proper security assessment done by experts. Vulnerabilities are identified and the correct steps can then be taken to protect your business.

You don’t want to be the next easy victim for a cybercriminal!

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Our Cyber Security Audit

By inviting Cinch IT to provide a comprehensive Cyber Security Audit, you will have taken an important step toward understanding more about how technology impacts your business. The audit is conducted in 1 hour and when completed we will prepare an executive summary providing you a unique risk score and, more importantly, recommendations to improve your business network security, enhance systems proficiencies and reduce both internal and external threats.

When performing a Cyber Security Audit, our security consultant will:

Step 1 - Review Current Assets and Infrastructure

Review Current Assets and Infrastructure

Step 2 - Interview Key Stakeholders

Interview With Key Stakeholders

Step 3 - Identify Current Security Policies

Identify The Current Security Policies and Initiatives

Review Current Security Policies and Procedures

Review current policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines for comparison to Security Best Practices

Step 5 - Review Internal and External Compliance

Review Current Internal and External Compliance Issues

Review Risk Assessments

Review Risk Assessments and Remediation Efforts

Results of the audit will include:

Recommendations For Improvements To Meet Best Practices

A Risk Score Card determined by the current state of your network security policies

Observations on Security Issues Detected

Observations and reports of any security issues discovered

Risk Score Card

Recommendations for change or improvement to meet Security Best Practices

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