How to Find the Right Computer Support Service Provider

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A computer support service provider who is fast and friendly will make your business run smoothly and with more security

How to Find the Right Computer Support Service Provider

Finding the right computer support service provider can be the best investment for your business. But how do you know where to look?

In this blog, we’ll outline several qualifications you should look for to research your next I.T. provider.


Computer Support Service Provider – Certifications

Before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll want to make sure your next I.T. company is an enterprise-level provider. It’s essential to hire an I.T. support firm that has at least five of the following certificates:

  1. I.T. certification, Firstly;
  2. AWS Certification, Secondly;
  3. Networking Certification, Thirdly;
  4. Big Data Certification, Fourthly;
  5. Cyber Security Certification, Fifthly;
  6. Develops Certification, Sixthly;
  7. Data Science Certification, Seventhly;
  8. Cloud Certification, Lastly.


Computer Support Service Provider – Qualifications

Beyond certifications, you’ll want to verify whether your next I.T. provider can deliver on their contract. Here are 13 recommendations to separate a serious computer support service provider from an amateur operation.

  1. No long-term contracts, in the first instance, sign a one-year agreement at most.
  2. The agreement should be able to cover all employees who use company devices.
  3. The company can meet your present and future needs.
  4. The provider has a history of I.T. service management and proactive management.
  5. The help desk services include disaster recovery tools, including regular data backups and email archiving.
  6. The provider should have a good reputation when it comes to response times.
  7. The on-site support should include your servers and workstations.
  8. The company has a history of recognition and awards.
  9. The provider should have the experience to reinforce your company’s software.
  10. All of the provider’s sales recommendations should be transparent and honest.
  11. Check the certifications and partnerships.
  12. Initially, have a one-year contract to judge the capabilities, responsiveness, and sincerity of the company.
  13. The agreement should have clauses benefitting both client and server (win-win mode).


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Scope of Services

Apart from this, note what services they offer. Will they provide more than just computer support? Can they also troubleshoot your phone system, tablets, and servers? If the service provider is a good I.T. company, they may be able to deal with all your I.T. requirements. Can they support a remote workforce? Some companies do charge hourly for support. If you’re willing to sign a contract with that sort of clause, budget for these extra support hours carefully.

A good computer support service provider has your best interests at heart. Proactiveness is the foundation for a successful I.T. partnership.


Data Security

Furthermore, you should also look into what support they provide if there is an issue like broadband connectivity or home printer support. All such questions should be asked and answered in writing. Plus, how will they deal in case of a security breach? These are the most critical problems that rise repeatedly. There should be a clear-cut clause regarding the security of data.

Get a good sense of your I.T. provider’s hiring practices. You want your I.T. provider to have the ability to scale with you as your company grows. 


Response Time

Response time is crucial for I.T. service, meaning working days and working hours. Your employees should never have to wait on hold on the phone or dig to find someone to respond to their support tickets.

An accurate agreement about getting I.T. support service should have a clear-cut clause about what services they will provide. Include everything about the support of your servers or workstations. It is simple for both the client and server company to decide the services provided and gained as per the contract signed.


Company History

Look at your I.T. provider’s marketing materials. Do they share a ton of original content using actual photos of their staff and clients? Or is their social news feed full of the same corporate stock photography that every other company out there uses? Original social media shows that your provider is a step above their competition.

Do they like to educate? Look at their social media page; see if they have a YouTube channel. Look at their blog posts; are they genuinely pushing out good educational content “how to protect your computers with cybersecurity”? Are they providing in-depth, information, truly educational content? Suppose all of their social media presence and marketing is for selling more stuff. In that case, they care more about winning new customers than educating and providing valuable service to their existing customers.

Furthermore, they should have the ability to support the software you are running. Look into your I.T. provider’s websites for educational resources, like blogs. And keep in mind, transparency is a soul of an agreement. Everything in your I.T. contract should be explicit and crystal clear.


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