Top 5 Ways Managed I.T. Services Can Help Your Business

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Top 5 Ways Managed I.T. Services Can Help Your Business

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses by taking care of all their managed I.T. services so that they can focus on running their business. With a Cinch I.T. Support Plan, we handle everything for one easy to understand and predictable price.

You no longer have to:

Pay to train your I.T. employee(s): Adequate training costs $7,500 per employee per year. And who will do their work while they are away training?

Worry about management: We manage our employees, so you don’t have to manage an entire I.T. services department.

Pay for additional software for your internal I.T. services person to manage your network. We have invested millions over the years to acquire and develop state-of-the-art tools for monitoring your entire environment.

No benefits or sick/vacation time is necessary! Save all that money. We’ve got you covered.


Managed I.T. Services Save Money.


– Flat, monthly rate.

– Repair fees, routine maintenance, support – everything is included.

– This makes budgeting for I.T. a real possibility – no surprises.

– You can invest this money elsewhere – use it to grow your business, educate your staff, and expand your reach.


Managed I.T. Services Save Time.


– Forget about downtime – issues resolve immediately.

– Support is available 24/7 – which means your staff won’t have to sit around waiting for help.

– Save time and stay productive.


Managed I.T. Services Save Resources.


– No longer worry about fixing things in-house.

– You will have a team of experts dedicated to helping you – which means your employees have more time to do their jobs.

– Save resources and keep your team doing what they do best – leave the specs and bytes to a team who knows specs and bytes.


Managed I.T. Services Save Face.


– Keep outdated, inept technology out of your business.

– Remain modern and well-oiled, and benefit from a more positive reputation.

– Save face and gain a stronger competitive edge.

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Now that we’ve established why small businesses can benefit from managed I.T. services, it’s important to cover how to translate those benefits into reality. Keep reading to learn our top 5 ways your MSP provider can secure your technology.


1) Flat, Monthly Rate


– Limit expenses.

– Budget for I.T. successfully.

– Invest this money elsewhere – to grow your business and expand employee skillsets.


2) Built-in Repairs


– Maintain regular backups of your sensitive data.

– No longer have to worry about expensive repair fees.

– Limit hassles and downtime – repairs are taken care of quickly.

– One source for all managed I.T. services and issues.


3) Instant Support


– No more worrying about whom to turn to for I.T. help.

– One call or email is all it takes.

– Get the help you need when you need it.

– Most MSPs can remote in and resolve problems with little hassle.


4) Proactive Monitoring


– MSPs monitor your network security for issues.

– Resolve most issues before they become a legitimate problem.

– Limit hassle and downtime and avoid complications and headaches in the process.

– Keep employees productive and clients happy.


5) Routine Maintenance


– Extend the life of your hardware.

– Keep your technology well-oiled and in prime working condition.

– Maintain a functional cloud computing system for remote work support.


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At Cinch I.T., we know how important it is to have local tech support. In Atlanta, plenty of I.T. companies offer phone or remote support. But how many of them offer onsite support in Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and the surrounding towns and cities?

Sometimes, a phone call or a remote log-in isn’t enough to solve your issue. You need boots on the ground. That’s why our office in Atlanta, Georgia, provides expert onsite support when your business needs it. Whether you’re considering an office move, setting up new printers, or inspecting your server room, we can help.

If you need I.T. support in Atlanta, GA, call us at (770) 299-0765. See how we can save you time and money on your local tech support today!

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