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Internet Speed Test

Internet connections can be pretty costly, especially if you have a fancy FIOS connection, though you could be paying through the nose for iffy service as well, especially if there are no competitors around to help drive down prices.

Advertised Internet speeds typically don’t measure up reality, but there’s a difference between being realistic and getting hosed. Whether you’re wondering if you should switch services or you just want to brag to your buddies about how ridiculously fast your hookup us, we’re here to show you how to test your Internet connection’s speeds. Don’t fret, it’s pretty easy to do so, and only takes a couple of minutes to pull off.

How to test your Internet speed

For this task, you’ll be using a website called is free, easy to use, and is kinda pretty to look at as computer utilities go. Once you head over to, just click on the green button in the middle of the screen labeled “Begin Test.”

Once you do, will begin to measure your ping, download speed and upload speed. The lower your ping, the better. The higher your downloads and upload speeds, the better.
Once spits out the three numbers at you, you may want to match the download and upload speeds with what your ISP is telling you what you have. If there’s an extreme difference between the two, you might want to consider switching providers or lobby them to lower your monthly bill.