Grandparents Day

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Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is a day to honor our grandparents. Let’s not forget that grandparents are the backbone of our society. They made our lives possible and for that, we thank you. A great way to celebrate this day is to get involved in activities with children, parents and grandparents.

Cinch I.T. has gotten involved with the community around Worcester, Massachusetts by sponsoring a youth kids soccer team. This team was very serious, as you can see, and brought a lot of fun and excitement to the community. Grandparents were able to see their grandchildren play and have fun. Sometimes simple activities like these can go a long way. Seeing your grandchildren partake in youth soccer must make you extremely happy and proud. It can create memories for a lifetime.

Cinch I.T. has also brought family night to the Worcester Bravehearts baseball team. We have given the opportunity to families to attend a game and enjoy America’s pastime. It’s a great way to spend time and celebrate the family you have, along with your grandparents. The gift of giving time with your family means a lot. Sometimes it’s the best gift anyone can receive.

Cinch I.T. believes in having a strong involvement in the community around us. We want families to really enjoy spending time with each other, especially with their grandparents. Grandparents Day is upon us and Cinch I.T. wants to spread awareness about our grandparents and what they have done for us. Thank you.

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