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Concerned Muslim business lady examining business continuity plan at flip chart in office.

Is your business prepared for any disaster? Even though small businesses may not have as many employees or as much equipment, they are still vulnerable to disaster as a large corporation. If a tornado destroyed your business office, you could lose valuable business if you don’t plan. Many companies don’t want to take the time and the expense to prepare a business continuity plan, but...

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Business executive working with a laptop and connecting online with email I.T. services.

Email support is a primary focus of I.T. services across the country. Email size in Microsoft's Exchange server plays a vital role in the organization since it acts as an essential factor for bandwidth, storage limit, email queue, CPU utilization, and mailbox size. This knowledgebase article provides a deeper dive into how email size restriction plays in the 2013 Exchange server. Furthermore, the email message size...

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Man looking for managed I.T. services for Microsoft Outlook email on laptop.

Looking for email managed I.T. services? This knowledgebase article explains how to copy cached Outlook email addresses and add them to a new user profile. This article is intended for I.T. services professionals, if you require assistance with your business email support please contact us! Jump Ahead: Microsoft Office 2003-2007 Microsoft Office 2010-2013 How to copy the autocomplete list in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, and Outlook...

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Network Security - sticky note on laptop keyboard demonstrates insecure password.

You can have all the locks on your data center and all the network security available, but nothing will keep your data safe if your employees are sloppy with passwords. There are many ways data can fall prey to a breach. For example, opening a malicious email link is one of the most common sources of phishing scams. Here are some basic practices that you should...

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Computer support seminar with newly hired remote employee.

Remote workforces rely on computer support. Many business owners are asking themselves right now - is a small workforce right for me? Access to better talents, a cut on costs, and improved productivity are all possible advantages. On the other hand, candidates enjoy the flexibility, independence, and work-life balance that comes with distributed labor. When you're hiring someone to work from home, you're not just looking for...

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Network security console controls via tablet.

On July 15, several high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked to spread a cryptocurrency scam. Twitter has enterprise-level network security, so how did hackers gain access to these profiles? Twitter reported that the hackers used an internal admin tool to gain access to the accounts. Specifically, the company tweeted that "a coordinated social engineering attack" on employees gave a hacker "access to internal systems and tools." Cybercriminals...

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