December 2021

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What Are DDoS Attacks - business I.T. support, computer support, cybersecurity audit, disaster recovery, business continuity plan

The risk of DDoS attacks is nothing new: it has been a known quantity in the I.T. industry for a long time. A decade ago, businesses didn't take DDoS attacks as seriously. Then, DDoS attacks were assumed to be mainly perpetrated by amateur hackers showing off their new tricks for fun. These attacks were mostly minor, so it was relatively easy for business I.T. support...

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Microphone Not Working On Zoom? Try This!

Is your Zoom microphone not working? Zoom audio problems can appear in several ways. This how-to guide troubleshoots common issues with Zoom, including: Firstly, you can't hear other people, or they can't listen to you. Secondly, you can't hear other people, but they can listen to you. Thirdly, you hear distorted audio or an echo when you speak. Depending on the underlying cause, there may be...

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