Why all of your computers should use SSD

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Why all of your computers should use SSD

Good afternoon all,

If you have not heard of them, SSDs are Solid State Drives. They are a type of hard drive that has no moving parts. In short, they are many orders of magnitude faster than your typical hard drive. They are the single greatest upgrade you can put into a computer. They will make old computers feel faster than brand new ones, assuming the new one doesn’t have an SSD. These are not opinions. SSDs are fast.

Now, this is why every computer you have should use one. They are now cheap. That has long been the biggest factor stopping people from upgrading to SSDs. The second factor, size, is of little importance. Currently, 60GB SSDs are about the same price as 160GB hard drives. The reason the size doesn’t matter in a work environment is that everyone should be storing all files on the server. In fact, you probably could get away with a 30GB drive for most users, but 60GB is a good amount.

So, what are the real world benefits of an SSD? Speed and reliability. These things increase productivity. You will no longer have people complaining about slow computers. They will boot up in seconds, rather than minutes. Programs will open near immediately. When someone has an older laptop, you can buy $60 worth of hardware in the form of an SSD instead of replacing the whole computer, and it will perform better too.

The above is especially true for those of you under some sort of Managed Services Plan. I would imagine a lot of you have an old computer slowly being upgraded or replaced every week or two (more or less, depending on your size and budgetary concerns). Rather than just upgrading the OS, or going from one previously $700 computer to a current $700 computer, you can upgrade just the harddrive and see much better gains.

Furthermore, because SSDs are compatible with Netbooks, Laptops, and Desktops, they can be reused and repurposed. SSDs do have a certain life span, true, but they will remain faster for a longer period of time relative to the rest of the computer.

So, the next time you go to upgrade an old or slow computer, pause for a second and ask if upgrading just the harddrive is advisable. Assuming the rest of the hardware is passable, upgrading the SSD is likely all you need.