Does your company have a marketing budget in place for 2014?

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Does your company have a marketing budget in place for 2014?

Whether you operate a small business or a multi-million dollar enterprise, marketing is essential to your profitability and growth. The first step to marketing effectively is creating and implementing a marketing budget.

Calculating a marketing budget can be done effectively by allocating a percentage of actual or projected gross revenues, usually between two and five percent, depending on your marketing and business growth goals. The way you budget your marketing allocation depends on everything from your industry to your growth projections. A company that has aggressive goals to grow rapidly generally needs to spend a higher percentage of sales on marketing to achieve substantial results – results that generate greater profitability.

Essentially, every company’s approach to allocating a marketing budget is unique.

If you do not currently have a marketing budget allocation in mind, Cinch IT, Inc. can help. Our consultants can recommend expenditures driven with a fixed budget in mind. We have a full service Search Engine Optimization, online marketing, and website design teams ready to help you explore a marketing plan that is right for your budget.

We can help with:
• Comprehensive marketing strategy planning
• Corporate brand identity development or refinement
• Pay-Per-Click advertising & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Email marketing
• Website design/development
If you’d like a complimentary consultation about online marketing and how to get started with analyzing the best marketing tactics for your budget, please contact us directly by phone at 508-425-4714 or visit our website at

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