Meet the team – Morgan Hill

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Meet the team – Morgan Hill

Morgan is an Engineer for Cinch IT Inc. and has been with the company now for just over a year.  Originally born and raised in the UK, Morgan has now been a Worcester County native for 20 years.

Morgan was recruited into the Cinch IT family based on his technology background and extensive customer service experience.

Favorite part about working for Cinch IT:

“I am finally able to help my customers to the extent that they deserve.  There is no red tape at Cinch IT and if it is the best thing for the customer, I am empowered to make that happen”.

PC of choice: 

Sony SVT series ultrabook.  13” screen, i7 intel processor, and a Solid State hard drive.

Favorite Smartphone App:

Passpack Pro- I have to be very mobile for my job.  Not knowing where I may need to be (or even which state!) on a daily basis means I need to be ready everywhere.  Passpack lets me store all passwords, notes, and site access credential with just one master password for all.  It encrypts everything I save and has a master key file that I save to my computer to access were my phone to get lost.

Hobbies outside of work:

Most people would never guess but I am a drummer for a heavy metal band.