How to replace laptop memory.

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How to replace laptop memory.

Replacing memory is a cheap way to speed up your computer and improve your multi-tasking capabilities. Sometimes, bad memory can even be the cause of a computer not being able to boot, so it is a worthwhile thing to try to bring a computer back from the dead. Here is how you can replace your laptop memory.

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to a place like Crucial to find out exactly what type and how much memory you can put into your laptop. Their prices are pretty good there too, but shop around Amazon or Newegg to find the best deal.

Once you have the new memory that you want to install, I suggest you put on your Anti-Static leash. Begin by shutting down your laptop, unplugging it from the wall and removing the battery.

Flip the laptop over. Unless you have a unibody laptop (like a macbook air or some of the ultrabooks) there will be sections on the bottom that are screwed in. Most manufacturers will label which compartment is the memory. Chances are, it is somewhere in the middle.

Unscrew the 2-4 screws used to hold down the lid and remove the lid. The memory is held in place by a small metal lever. Some laptops will use one lever for only one stick, some for all sticks. Pull this lever out to the side and then slowly allow it to rise. you’ll see the memory slide out of the slot(s) and come out at at angle. Once the lever is in its most upright position, usually about 45 degree angle, you can remove the memory.

To put in the new memory, simply do all of the above steps in reverse. The memory only goes in one way, so don’t force it! Lower the memory back into place with the lever, screw in the cover, re-insert your battery, and continue!

On the off chance that your computer does not boot, it is possible that one of the sticks is bad. Try booting with only one stick at a time.