100 Mile Ruck March

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July 21 – July 24, 2022

Central Massachusetts

Ruck March 2022

A 4-day Charity Challenge for Why Me & Sherry’s House

Why Me is a grass roots non-profit organization dedicated to providing love and support services to families with childhood cancer. It’s run in part by parents that lived this experience first-hand, the dedicated staff and volunteers understand what families with a pediatric cancer patient need and are passionate about services provided.

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The 100 Mile Ruck March Challenge is a military inspired event, where a small group of Athletes will Ruck (hike) 25 miles a day for 4 days. Camping out each night on the farm of a local brewery and continuing the march at sunrise each morning. Athletes will carry everything they will need for this 4 day event on their backs, navigate the 100 mile course, cook their own meals, set up and break down their own camps each night, tend to their feet and bodies, all in an attempt to earn the coveted 100 Mile Ruck March Finisher Medal.

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